Damn Exploitable Android App

Capture the Flag event Mobile Hacking Lab: Damn Exploitable Android App is specifically build for beginners to dive into the world of mobile security research and mobile exploit development. Using the challenge you can up-skill yourself for free!
Jun 7 / Mobile Hacking Lab

How To Participate with CTF?

You can participate with the CTF by submitting your exploit or an link to an article that you created about it. The most inventive exploits and best articles will be listed and small prices will be awarded.

Why Armv7 and not Arm64?

The reason for this is, is that we will publish a series of articles which are for free and are based on Arvm7 and don't require Mobile Hacking Lab platform. This will allow you to setup your local lab environment and start building your first exploit without any costs.

Further more, Armv7 is much easier to emulate on x86_64 machines, giving more people access to Arm Exploit Development making it more realistic mobile exploitation experience.

Although the CTF is Armv7 based, all the trainings on the Mobile Hacking Lab platform are based on Arm64.

How start

To setup your local lab environment make sure to emulate an Android 7.1.1. Pixel 3a API 25 Device.


You can download the apk file from our Github 

Lab Setup

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