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Shaping the Future of Mobile Security

Who We Are

Mobile Hacking Lab is an epicenter for cybersecurity training, where innovation meets practical learning. We provide an online platform that is meticulously crafted to address the hidden world of mobile security vulnerabilities. With billions of mobile devices in use, the attack surface is vast and underexplored. Our lab offers a unique opportunity to delve into the world of offensive mobile security, uncovering the advanced bugs and exploits that are the tradecraft of intelligence services and threat actors.

Our Vision

To pioneer the next wave of mobile security expertise by providing an innovative learning platform that empowers cybersecurity professionals with advanced, offensive mobile security skills, and by leveraging AI technology to revolutionize vulnerability research and security assessments.

Our Mission

Mobile Hacking Lab is dedicated to closing the knowledge gap in the cybersecurity industry by delivering cutting-edge training on offensive mobile security techniques and vulnerabilities that are typically exploited by advanced threat actors. Our mission is to offer accessible, practical, and game-changing educational experiences through our online platform, integrating real-world applications and challenges. We aim to foster a community of security professionals who are equipped to protect and advance mobile security infrastructure in an increasingly digital world.

What Sets Us Apart

Every detail of our platform is designed to foster your growth in mobile security, from foundational knowledge to advanced techniques.

#1 Dynamic Learning Ecosystem

Embrace a training environment that keeps pace with the latest threats. Our curriculum is ever-evolving, ensuring you're always at the forefront of mobile security.

#2 Real-World Lab Experience

Dive into hands-on learning with actual mobile devices and custom-built applications. It's not just about theories; it's about applying knowledge in real-world scenarios.

#3 Tailored Educational Pathways

Whether you're a novice or an expert, our courses are designed to challenge and advance your skills at every level, with AI-powered insights to guide your journey.

Our Achievements

Our growth trajectory is a testament to our impact on the cybersecurity learning space. We have consistently grown our active learner base, as evidenced by our spike in platform activity. Our reputation for excellence has led us to provide live courses at prestigious events like Black Hat USA, and our innovative strategies have drawn significant attention from the security community and investors alike.


Our Approach

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We have developed, an AI-driven tool that accelerates the vulnerability research process, allowing both professionals and students to discover complex security flaws with efficiency. Our training not only demonstrates how to compromise a system but also how to protect it by understanding offensive security tactics.

The Journey Ahead

As we look to the future, we see a world where mobile security training is not just a necessity but a norm. Our ambition is to scale our platform, enrich our content, and expand our community outreach through strategic partnerships and innovative marketing strategies. We are not just a lab; we are a movement reshaping the cybersecurity landscape.

Get to Know Us

The Team

We have a team of instructors made up of professionals in the field of mobile security. We take pride in our ability to teach other people our skills and we would love to welcome you to Mobile Hacking Lab.

Umit Aksu

Founder / Director 

Jelmer Hulsman

Co-Founder / CTO