Android Userland Fuzzing and Exploitation Course

Tryout Labs

Explore the thrilling world of Android Userland Exploitation with our free Tryout Labs!

Delve into key topics such as exploiting memory corruptions and creating an exploit for heap overflow vulnerability. This hands-on teaser offers limited-time access to Corellium mobile devices and focused labs, providing a glimpse into our comprehensive Android Userland Fuzzing and Exploitation Course.

A taste of Arm64 assembly language basics, reversing the Android native component, and discovering vulnerabilities are all part of the package.

Start your journey to become adept at analysing crashes, bypassing exploit mitigations, and writing complete exploit chains with our taster. Discover, Learn, and Master with Tryout Labs today!
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What's included?

  • Corellium Android Devices
  • Custom VMs (M1/M2/Intel)
  • Userland exploitation
  • Exploit development

Learning objectives

You will get an understanding of the Mobile Hacking Lab learning environment, with integrated virtual Android Devices, and custom VMS to demonstrate our cutting Edge Mobile learning environment!

Course Lessons