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Gain the strategic advantage in cybersecurity defense with our advanced course. Learn to anticipate and counteract cyber threats, equipping yourself with the foresight and skills to protect against advanced attacks.

Practice with Real ARM Architecture Devices

Unlock the full potential of Android exploitation with our Corellium Lab setup. Delve into real-world scenarios on jailbroken and rooted devices with ARM architecture.

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Mobile Hacking Course Experiences
Shared by Our Students

Hahna Kane Latonick

"Mobile Hacking Lab covers everything you need to know about low-level Android reverse engineering, vulnerability research, fuzzing, and exploitation. The best part is that the course is 100% hands-on with real-world applications. There's no other course like it out there.
Highly recommended!"

Director of Security Research
at Dark Wolf Solutions

Dominykas Linkus

"Joining the Android Userland Fuzzing and Exploitation course was a fun game-changer for me. It provided a deep dive into Android security, from Android basics to advanced exploitation, all through a practical, hands-on learning experience. It was enjoyable and interesting to go through the prepared lectures and explore topics I had not touched before. The tasks were intriguing and came with engaging challenges. I recommend it to everyone interested in the Android operating system."

Application Security Engineer
at Nord Security

Niv Roda

"The mobile hacking training at Mobile Hacking Lab not only boosted my skills in fuzzing, and exploitation but also impressed me with their very supportive and kind staff.
Highly recommend!"

Application Security Engineer
at Apps Flyer

Jacob Swinsinski 

"Upon diving into the Android Userland Fuzzing and Exploitation course with the goal of “leveling up” and becoming a Certified Android Exploit Developer, I’ve learned many things throughout the process. As a hands-on learner, the materials offered throughout the course were an absolute game changer to me. The overall experience was fantastic and definitely full of a roller coaster of emotion. I’ll definitely be diving into the kernel-land course soon offered by Mobile Hacking Lab next! "

Security Researcher
at Dark Wolf Solutions

Joan Calabrés

"Having recently completed the Android Userland Fuzzing and Exploitation course at Mobile Hacking Lab, I can confidently say it's a game-changer. The course offers hands-on learning with real-world applications, covering everything from Android basics to advanced exploitation. The instructors are experts in their field, and the support staff are incredibly helpful. The gamified approach to learning adds an extra layer of engagement, making it both enjoyable and intellectually stimulating. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of Android security." 

Mobile AppSec Engineer
at Revolut 

Ilyes B

"Android Userland Fuzzing and Exploitation course offers a great way to transition from logic bug to memory corruption bug within Android userland application. The lab exercises and the Correlium device provide a user-friendly platform to practice and experiment with the newly acquired skills. The exam allows to use real-world methodologies from fuzzing, crash analysis, and exploiting vulnerabilities to achieve remote code execution."

Security Researcher /
pwn2own Winner 2023

Jonathan Waterman 

"The Mobile Hacking Lab’s Android Userland Fuzzing and Exploitation course will take someone with limited background in vulnerability discovery to exploiting a live system with a reverse shell. They have tons of labs and short digestible videos. The instruction is provided by video, but the instructors are very approachable. The use of Corelium provides hands on experience during the lab and the exam. Everything you need to pass the exam is taught in the class. Anyone interested in learning more about Android application vulnerabilities and developing exploitations start here."

Principal Software Engineer
at Dark Wolf Solutions

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Before the launch of our online platform, our comprehensive mobile hacking course received international acclaim, presented at the prestigious Black Hat conferences in 2021, 2022, and 2023 in both Asia and the USA. This recognition from one of the cybersecurity industry's most respected forums highlights the exceptional quality and relevance of our curriculum, now accessible to you through our cutting-edge online course platform.

And mark your calendars! Our Black Hat Course will be presented once again on August 3-4, 2024, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. This year, in addition to the Android Useland Fuzzing & Exploitation, we are excited to announce the inclusion of Part Kernel Fuzzing & Exploitation. Don't miss this opportunity to delve deeper into cutting-edge cybersecurity techniques.

Ready to secure your spot? Register now on the official Black Hat website for the Las Vegas event. Join us in pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity knowledge and expertise! 

Android Userland Fuzzing & Exploitation

Dive into the world of Android security with our tailored course packages designed to suit your learning needs and goals:

Standard Package - 30 Days Lab Access + Exam

Enhance your learning experience by gaining hands-on lab access. Put the theories you have learned into practice by using ARM64 devices to solve real-world scenarios. Enjoy a 30-day period of experimentation and application, allowing you to validate your skills. Finally, put your knowledge to the test with our esteemed certification exam.

Advanced Package - 60 Days Lab Access + Exam

Expand your knowledge and skills by taking advantage of our extended lab time. With a duration of 60 days, you will have ample opportunity to practice and refine your techniques in our cutting-edge labs. Following this period of hands-on experience, you will then have the opportunity to demonstrate your proficiency by taking the certification exam. This will serve as proof of your expertise in the field.

Professional Package - 90 Days Lab Access + Exam

Designed for individuals aspiring to achieve professional expertise, this program offers an opportunity to acquire the utmost comprehensive practical knowledge. With a duration of 90 days, participants are granted access to fully equipped laboratories, ensuring they have abundant time to hone their skills. The program culminates with a certification exam, solidifying their proficiency in the field.

Each practical lab experience is an opportunity to implement what you've learned and solidify your expertise. Upon completion, earn your Certificate of Completion to showcase your practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

Ready to secure your spot in the forefront of mobile security? Enroll in the package that best fits your journey today.


Do I need physical devices for the course?

Mobile Hacking Lab offers access to jailbroken iOS and rooted Android devices, removing the need for personal devices.

What are the skills required to follow along? 

Mobile Hacking Lab's courses are designed for accessibility, requiring no expert knowledge to begin. While familiarity with C/C++ code is expected, and basic Python skills are beneficial, our curriculum is structured to enhance your understanding of Python scripting for exploit development, ensuring learners of all levels can progress effectively.

What version of android/iOS will be targeted in the course? 

The Android courses are targeting Android 13 for most of the exercises except for one of the Heap Exploitation lab which focusses on Android 10 to teach jeMalloc exploitation techniques.

The IOS courses are not yet live so those versions are not yet defined. 

Should I know Arm assembly?  

Prior knowledge about Arm64 Assembly is not required as the Android Userland Fuzzing and Exploitation course has an Arm64 Programming mini course that teaches basics and also Arm64 shell coding.

What architecture are the courses on? 

The Mobile Hacking Lab Courses are focussing on Arm64 architecture to show real world mobile exploitation techniques. 

How long is the Android Userland and Fuzzing exam? 

It is a 72 hours exam which consist of writing a fuzzing harness that is able to find crashes in the target app. The second part of the exam expect you to build a full functional exploit against the target app. Once completed you will be “Certified Android Exploit Developer“

Will I get a certification? (for the labs) 

Anyone who’s able to solve any of the AppSec Labs will get a certification of completion.  

Does it count against CPE credits (of ISC²)? 

We are currently not yet providing CPE credits but this will come in the future. 

Are exploitation labs using real applications? 

The fuzzing exercises are done agains real world applications like WhatsApp and Telegram. For the exploitation labs we are using custom developed application called PwnChat that mimics a messaging application. We choose for this option as we are not depended on the back-end of real world application that get updated and break the course content. Another reason is that we can showcase and make learning easier as these topics are already hard to learn.

Will the course content be updated in the future? 

Yes, the Mobile Hacking Lab content will get continues new lab updates with new material. Students have lifetime access to the course material and any new material will be available for each student. Additional lab time might be required in some cases to do the new labs but the newly added course material is always free to access. 

Course Structure

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