Mobile Static Code Analysis

Mobile static code analysis is the process of evaluating the security of mobile application code without executing the code. It is a powerful technique to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in mobile applications before they are deployed.
At MobileHackingLab, we specialize in providing mobile static code analysis services to help you identify and resolve vulnerabilities in your mobile applications.

Our mobile static code analysis services include:

  • Automatic scanning of mobile application code to identify potential vulnerabilities such as SQL Injections, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), and Insecure Data Storage.
  • Identifying the use of weak cryptographic libraries in the code and suggesting appropriate libraries.
  • Reviewing the code for hardcoded credentials, secret keys and sensitive information that could be exploited.
  • Analysis of the mobile application's communications with back-end systems and servers to ensure proper encryption and authentication.
  • Review of the mobile application's permissions and access controls to ensure that sensitive data is protected.Identification of any potential data leakage or exfiltration risks.
  • Providing detailed reports of the vulnerabilities found and recommendations for resolving them, including code snippets and clear instructions.
  • Retesting the mobile application after the vulnerabilities have been fixed to ensure they have been properly addressed.

Our team of experts have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to provide comprehensive mobile static code analysis services and help you secure your mobile application. With the help of our mobile static code analysis services, you can identify vulnerabilities early in the development process and take action to resolve them before they can be exploited.

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