Android Userland Fuzzing & Exploitation


Welcome to our Android Userland Course!

In this course, we'll introduce you to the world of Android user-land exploitation techniques employed by threat actors.

We'll begin by covering the basics of ARM assembly language and gradually progress into the fascinating realm of reversing Android Native components to uncover vulnerabilities. You'll learn how to identify functions for fuzzing and even discover 0day vulnerabilities.

We'll guide you through crash analysis, exploitation, and the essential tools required to create reliable, weaponized exploits in Android Userland. Along the way, you'll become proficient in bypassing various exploit mitigations like NX and ASLR on Android ARM architecture.

By the course's conclusion, you'll possess the skills to identify vulnerabilities through reverse engineering and fuzzing, enabling you to craft complete exploit chains that effectively bypass security measures."


Included in Your Course

43 Labs for Hand-On Practice

Explore our cutting-edge lab experience, where you'll dive deep into the realm of Mobile Hacking. Fueled by advanced Android devices operating on arm64 architecture, our lab combines cutting-edge technology with real-world challenges.

9 Modules

Our course offers a comprehensive understanding of Android user-land exploitation and fuzzing. With nine modules covering all aspects of this field, you will gain deep knowledge and necessary skills to excel in Android user-land exploitation and fuzzing.


After successfully completing the course and passing the exam, you'll receive a prestigious certification, validating your expertise in Android User-Land Exploitation and Fuzzing.

Advanced Fuzzing Technique

Join our course to learn vulnerability research on Android Userland applications. Master skills like identifying target functions, creating fuzzing harnesses, and employing various fuzzing techniques. Explore real-world examples of structure-aware fuzzing using the libprotobuf fuzzer.

Mobile Exploit Development

Our course teaches vulnerability identification, debugging, and exploit creation. We cover various vulnerability types, including Modern Stack Overflows and Heap Overflows. Emphasis is placed on bypassing ASLR and using information leaks for reliable exploits. We also explore exploit delivery methods like Heap Spraying and Heap Massaging/Heap Grooming.

Cloud VMs at Your Service

We offer a training course with Cloud Virtual Machines (VMs) for a smooth learning experience. Regardless of your machine type, you can easily access the course. Focus on mastering your skills while we handle the technicalities. Train with confidence, knowing that we've sorted out the tech side for you!


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Fuzzing & Exploitation

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Each practical lab experience is an opportunity to implement what you've learned and solidify your expertise. Upon completion, earn your Certificate of Completion to showcase your practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

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